A streamlined manga reader

MangaMeeya is an easy-to-use comic reader that puts a special emphasis on manga. View full description


  • No installation required
  • Support for many formats
  • Various viewing options
  • Comfortable mouse and keyboard controls


  • Doesn't include any comics
  • No management tools

Very good

MangaMeeya is an easy-to-use comic reader that puts a special emphasis on manga.

MangaMeeya also features all the tools and utilities you need to enjoy your comics on the PC. That means you'll be able to open your comics in single or double page layout, read them in full screen, explore the contents of a book in thumbnails or even use the built-in magnifying glass to take a look at the smallest details.

The program's full support for keyboard and mouse makes it really easy to use. It also has support for a wide variety of image formats, including .CBR/.CBZ files. Unfortunately, MangaMeeya doesn't seem to support certain common file formats, like .7z or .PNG, nor does MangaMeeya include any comics to start with. A final problem is that it’s lacking a file organizer, something that makes managing larger collections a whole lot easier.

MangaMeeya is a handy image viewer that makes reading manga and other comics much more comfortable - a true must-have for all comic fans!

MangaMeeya supports the following formats



MangaMeeya 2.4

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