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MangaMeeya 2.4

A streamlined manga reader

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  • mars balaba

    by mars balaba

    you should allow all manga from all manga websites it's convenient that way.....   More

  • by Anonymous

    Simple, I love it!..   More

  • by Anonymous

    A Flexible and Robust Manga Reading Tool..
    Flexible Manga Reading tool, It removes the hassle of using Windows d...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Good app, 9/10.
    Great app, and you doesn't need to install anything (i'm using the alternate link, idk about the...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Easy to get into..
    To the person above: Why would you install codecs for a software that is for viewing images? ...   More

  • by Anonymous

    i tried to install the program.It did not work.a video popped up during the installation process tellin...   More